When You See How These Kittens Are Sleeping, You’ll Feel Like Cuddling Them!

Why do cats cuddle so much? Because they are cats, right! Well, they cuddle because they are always in a dire need for warmth as their body is too small to retain the heat. Cats cuddle all the time. It does not matter if it is a rug, couch, daddy’ lap or another cat’s belly, when they’re looking for some shut-eye!


We bring you an exclusive compilation of 14 kittens dozing in the palms of their owners. These kittens are so cute that they have not even opened their eyes, yet they are all aware that nothing is warmer than their daddy’s palms. Some kittens fit into their parent’s palms, while some like to keep their paws hanging…This is so adorable,I felt sugar rush!

Take a look at this jaw dropping video!

From bathing to breakfast, all the daily chores are done on their purr-fect beds! Share these sleepy fur balls with your friends right too!


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