What The Dog Does When The Girl Is Hooked To Oxygen Is Unbelievable

Parents know that children – young children are always on the move. The minute they learn to walk – watch out! Nothing is safe anymore! They get into everything! Being a three-year-old and having the rare lung disease known as Neuroendocrine Cell Hyperplasia of Infancy (NEHI), isn’t slowing Alida down!dog-life-saver-696x361

Just for perspective, according to preferredhomecare.com the portable oxygen tanks weigh between 4-15 pounds. The larger canisters can weigh up much more! Thankfully the family has Mr. Gibbs! He is Alida’s service dog – and best friend. The family had to move over 2,000 miles so she could have Mr. Gibbs, a highly trained service dog. This video was taken in 2012.

Take a look at this video!

An update from 2015 from Alida’s dad, Aaron Knobloch, said Mr. Gibbs and Alida are doing well. Alida had been involved in cheerleading and was preparing for a ballet recital. Aaron also said Alida is just as active as any other child her age. Share away, people!


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