What Is The Power Of Propolis?!

Propolis perfectly helps treat eczema, acne and cuts. Here you need to do to achieve the right effect …

Bee product propolis has a special place in domestic pharmacies, according to doctors of traditional medicine. To achieve the desired effect, is necessary twice per day to be applied on the affected area. The result certainly not be lacking, proponents emphasize treatment with propolis.



Propolis tablets and tincture (alcoholic solution) can be found in all pharmacies, and health food stores. It is interesting that this mixture of wax and other sticky substances, bees serve to strengthen the honeycomb and to close cracks and repaired to the cells in which they live.


Propolis itself has mostly wax, resin and balm, and a little less pollen, tannins and essential oils possess antibiotic properties. Because of this composition propolis achieved anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial action, he stimulate tissue regeneration and increases the defensive power of the body. In the field of dentistry, propolis is recommended for maintaining oral hygiene, because it is an excellent barrier to cavities.


In cosmetics, propolis is added to various creams, which can be found in herbal pharmacies. Good in propolis is that it can be used by all, except people who are allergic to bee products. Allergic people must forget propolis.


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