Warts Are Contagious, Remove Them

Warts can grow anywhere on the body, but fortunately , there are very effective and painless ways to remove them. Dr. Svetlana Djurisic, a specialist in dermatology, says that it does not need to do on your own.

Only people with very strong immune systems are able to cope with her nipples. Everyone else will have to be removed.

Do not scratch your warts



Warts are benign, hard and uneven growths on the skin and viruses cause them. The most commonly occur on fingers, mainly along the nail, on the backs of the hands and feet in children on the face, under the chin in men and in women on the legs. The virus is transmitted by direct or indirect contact, and incubation of an outbreak of warts sometimes take several months. People with weakened immune systems are more prone to this infection.

Dr. Svetlana Djurisic, dermatovenerolog at the Center for Dermatology and Cosmetology “Derma team” says warts are not only an aesthetic problem, and therefore should seek medical attention immediately. The doctor explains that most of the warts, especially in children, should be removed.

– Molluscum are very infectious. They look like tiny pimples , and parents are becoming aware that this is a warts grow only when the whole group. The grounds are red and have a whitish plug in the middle – our interlocutor says.

They are formed by direct contact with an infected person. Scratching only worsens the condition because on that way viruses transfered to the other spot on the skin.



– If left untreated, molluscum sometimes grow up to one centimeter, is easily transferred to other parts of the body, and may also be inflammated. Therefore, be sure to removed them – says Dr. Djurisic and that must be done by a doctor.

Liquid nitrogen is outdated

According to her, curettage is a painless method of removing warts.

– Each bump is smeared with cream, which is supposed to stand for an hour, then each nipple individually hollowed spatula and removed. The most important thing is to completely remove the white cap containing the concentrate of the virus – says the doctor.

The procedure is short and painless. Removing the growths with liquid nitrogen is considered outdated because after this treatment often leads to inflammation of the warts.

Ruptures not disappear by themselves

Warts are rarely disappear on their own and therefore does not need to wait for that to happen. That’s just a waste of time and increases the risk of spreading the virus on the body.

– Only people with very strong immune systems are able to cope with her nipples. Everyone else will have to be removed – says Djurisic.



Check your self

Any new growth on your face is enough reason to visit the doctor as only a dermatologist can determine whether it is a fibroma, viral wart or mole. Sometimes on the face may appear a viral growths, which should be removed. If a month or two after the removal of warts near the scar develops a new, do not worry. These are growths that existed at the time of removal, but they were small and they were not seen.

Feet are the most critical

The biggest problem are warts on the feet, since virus, due to the pressure of walking, can penetrate deeply into the skin.

– Warts on the feet often cover large areas and are formed all over the sole. Warts initially looks like the head of a pin attached to the foot, they are rough and in an advanced stage resembles a mosaic attached to the surface of the foot – the doctor explains and emphasizes that people often confuse with blisters.

Therefore, it is necessary to go to the doctor in order to reliably determine what it is.

Warts on the feet are removed efficiently curettage, radio waves or laser. The treatment of liquid nitrogen gives half results because within six to eight months warts reappear. Dr Djurisic indicates that one can not acquire immunity to the viruses that cause warts.



Fibroid tumors are inherently

Small, white, elongated nipples on the neck, under the eye or on the eyelid are not dangerous and occurs only in adults. It is a fibroma, hereditary growths that are not caused by viruses.

– Fibroid tumors need not be removed if you do not bother. However, if you are afraid that you will help them cut down or obstruct the field of vision, then be sure to consult a dermatologist, who will be removed – says doctor and explains that the fibroma, unlike warts removed for aesthetic or practical but, not for health reasons.


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