How to treat a three-meter crocodile



The treatment of wild animals is a good, but dangerous thing. Especially it concerns predators, such as this three-meter Orinok crocodile weighing 180 kg. It was in the zoo of the city of Miami, Florida. Of course, absolutely wild this predator can not be named, but it also does not belong to the number of domestic animals.



A huge reptile got a paw injury in a fight with her congenitor and urgently needed the help of a veterinarian. Crocodile was injected with the necessary dose of sedative and placed on the table of a veterinarian. All the necessary tests were done and the operation was performed. Until his full recovery the crocodile will be under the watchful eye of doctors.


лечение крокодила 1 (700x466, 326Kb)


лечение крокодила 4 (700x462, 324Kb)


лечение крокодила 3 (700x472, 369Kb)



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