Toddler With Down Syndrome Steals Wedding Guests’ Hearts When He Walks Down The Aisle

There is nothing cuter than dressing up a toddler and having them walk down the aisle at a wedding! They will steal the show and make everyone smile! Brayden was born with Down syndrome. Brayden’s mom, Jenny Mayer, says that Brayden may reach his milestones a little later than most kids – but he isn’t going to let anything stop him!


Having Down syndrome isn’t going to define Brayden, he has the love and support of his family, and that will define him best. In this video, we see some of the hard work and struggles Brayden has conquered to be a happy boy. After seeing this short video, you will agree that Brayden has a fierce determination and with his family’s support, there isn’t anything he won’t be able to do!

Take a look at this video

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