What This Tiny Dog Did To The Kitten Will Freeze Your Mind!

In South Carolina a miracle was happening that no one was aware of, until now. A dog was taking care and nursing an abandoned kitten like her own mother!
In a deep ravine behind a Home Depot store, a tiny pup, a Shih Tzu, was acting like a surrogate mommy for the adorable kitten, so when residents saw this, they immediately notified the Anderson County Animal Control to help out.


According to officer Michelle Smith, it is likely that the dog heard the kitten crying after which she went down the ravine to rescue her, but instead ended up nursing her. Although the dog could have easily climbed up the ravine, she decided to stay there and bark; her way of calling for help so she can stay there with the kitten and keep her safe.
As soon as the dog and the kitten were rescued and brought to the Anderson County P.A.W.S. they instantly won the hearts of everyone there, including animal lovers worldwide because of their love for each other


The dog was actually nursing the kitten as she was lactating, a result of a “pseudo pregnancy” and keeping her little baby alive until help arrived. Moments later an emotional letter arrived to the center from a resident called Joe and his wife and they wanted to adopt Goldie the dog and Kate the kitten!


In their letter they explained how much Goldie and Kate reminded them of their pets (a cat and a dog) who died almost together. Well, now both the dog and kitten are on their way to their forever loving homes!


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