It was so unexpected… The moment the girl opened the lid all she could hear were the piercing screams coming from the bottom of the massive garbage container.
The screams were muted by the tens of bags on top but it their origin was clear and they were impossible to ignore.

A few minutes later the kitty was on the way to us.
We´ve named her Frida and she´s a tiny ball of fur, barely 200 grams, a little bit heavier than a mobile phone.


Frida´s eyes are in a terrible condition, one of them has ruptured, exploded, leaving her in excruciating pain. At this point I could try to explain more, but if watch this video you will understand precisely what we are facing and how hard we are going to have to work to save her life.
Listen to Frida´s voice.

Frida needs to be operated immediately but if we rush into surgery today she would probably die. Instead we are going to leave her in Intensive Care for the next 24 hours and we will operate her on Saturday morning. At this point we don´t know if she will loose one or two eyes.

О   https://letsadoptinternational.com/2015/06/tiny-blind-kitty-thrown-into-garbage-container-help-us-save-her/


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