Three dumped dogs were found in the well

    Three dumped dogs were found in the well. On the look of the animals look very exhausted and it is unknown how much they stayed in this well.



                         According to the eyewitness, the animals were in a well at a depth of 2.5 m, in an abandoned place where people almost do not go. The dogs had collars, they lay quietly, without water and food.


      Dogs were discovered completely by accident. A young man named Roman, stopped along the road, descended from the peasants in need, a crunching branch and the dogs filed a voice. Seeing the dogs in the well, the boy phoned the chairman of the Fund for the Help of the homeless animal Natalia Morozova and told the situation.




        Natalya Morozova, the head of the fund for assistance to homeless animals, who came to the site, along with a local resident, dropped a bucket of water to the dogs. Soon came veterinarians, who pulled out the animals and placed in the cells, after which they were taken to temporary transits.


        The injured dogs have to undergo restoration therapy, one of them has strongly weakened


Now everything is okay with dogs.





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