This Photo Of 500 Sheep In A Snowy Field Will Mess With Your Mind

As she does every morning, Saskatchewan farmer Liezel Kennedy woke up and went out to check on her flock of sheep. She looked out and saw this. It seemed as though her more than 500 sheep were gone


Liezel Kennedy

«Could hardly find my sheep this morning!» she tweeted.

«I drove right by them the first time,» she tells BuzzFeed Canada. Here's a closer pic. Can you see them now?

Liezel Kennedy / Via Twitter: @pilgrimfarms

How about now?

Liezel Kennedy / Via Twitter: @pilgrimfarms

Here they are. Kennedy said she had to be about 50 feet away before she could fully make them out.

Liezel Kennedy / Via Twitter: @pilgrimfarms

It's not just a fall thing — she also faces the same problem in summer and spring.


Leizel Kennedy / Via Twitter: @pilgrimfarms

 And that's it for this edition of Sheep Problems.

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