This Is What It Looks Like When A Dog Finally Gets A Home

This happy dog just got a home! This is the face you make when you finally have a family to love. Tyrion was found wandering along a busy freeway in Los Angeles in 2015. The Los Angeles Rescue group, Hope for Paws, was called and they rushed to help him.rescued-dog-adopted-696x3621-75When they got there, two off-duty animal control officers were on scene after they had spotted Tyrion.2-65Eldad Hagar, the founder of Hope for Paws, said Tyrion walked towards the car but tried to hide.3-61After getting a leash around Tyrion, he was rushed to the vet. He had over 200 ticks on his body and many puncture wounds that had become infected. Tyrion slept a lot for the first few days just regaining his strength.4-61A few months after being found, Tyrion was sent to live in a foster home, and he was soon adopted by a family! He now has two new parents, two new sisters and a new name – Amos.5-57A whole new start for Amos! Today, he is a happy, confident dog that is thriving in his forever home. Lisa Kendall, Amos’s mom, said he is a very mellow dog and quite lazy!6-49Amos welcomes everyone into the family home, and everyone who meets him can’t help but fall in love. One of Amos’s favorite activities is being goofy with his sisters.7-36He used to be afraid of everything, now there isn’t anything he can’t do! All Amos needed was a second chance.8-24-1Share away, people!


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