They Cut A Toilet In Half, Now Keep Your Eye On The Bowl. This Is Horrifying!

Living in the city can be the chance to have an exciting life, running with the crowds and trying to stay on top of the crunch. But because of the population density, it makes the cities very attractive for rats, and these creatures can get quite big. Worst of all? They know how to get in through toilets.toilet-bowl-visitor-696x363

No one wants to open a toilet lid and spot a rat floating around in there, especially one that’s alive. At first, it looks like a trick, that someone put the rat there, but after watching this video, you’ll come to understand just how creative and versatile rats can be. Because of their anatomy, they can wriggle through the smallest of spaces and get to where they need to go, no matter the obstacle.


Take a look at this video

So next time, be aware of what could be living in your toilet when you’re not using it! Share away, people.



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