Student Unexpectedly Acquires A Cat Whose Snuggles Help Her Through College.

While college can be a lot of fun, it can also be really tough. Exams, expenses, peer pressure, and living away from home are stressors that many students have to face. Imgur user kcody47 dealt with these issues while she worked her way through dental school, but luckily, a cat named Sophie came into her life and changed everything.

In a post on Imgur, the student admitted that she’d never really liked cats because she hadn’t spent much time around them. But during her sophomore year, she began cat-sitting a fluffy tabby named Sophie and it wasn’t long before their friendship blossomed.

“I spent most of my time studying at home, so we bonded right away,” she wrote in the post. “I quickly learned Sophie rubbed her head on everything.”




“We bonded over our love of coziness,” she said. “She’d keep me company on most of my all-nighters.”

As her schedule became more hectic, the student began to depend on Sophie for comfort and companionship.

“I averaged 3 exams [per] week on top of hand skill practicals my second year,” she said. “I was physically and mentally exhausted.”

The studying, tests, and lack of sleep really started taking their toll on the dental student. She explained:

“I began skipping classes (I used to be that person who got to class 15 min. early to get the center seat in the first row). Then, it got to a point where I was too scared of starting the day. I began cancelling my patient’s appointments because I was scared to leave my house. I didn’t know how I had turned into this person.”

But no matter how down she got, “Sophie would always be there… head snuggling away.”

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