Stray Kitten Follows Man Home and Decides to Stay, Now Four Years Later.

Just about four and a half years ago, a tiny kitten who had been living in a slum in Kenya followed a man home and decided to stay.

A man from America had been working at a non-profit organization for children in Kenya when a little feline came up to him one day needing a home.

“That was back in 2012 when I was living in a very small room near the slum,” reddit user TheLake stated. “His name is Nala. For the first couple months I thought he was a girl.” But the name stuck.

Most of the cats he came across at that time there in Kenya were skinny and very small.


He gave the kitty a bit of food and Nala decided to stay and immediately and completely took over his human’s bed. The young man couldn’t say no.

Pet supplies are often hard to come by in the area, however, the young man managed to get a litter box, a luxury to many cats there.

“The fact that he eats cat food and uses a litter box puts him pretty high up on the list.”

The kitten quickly began to thrive living an indoor life.

Each and every day he laid down on his human’s computer when he tried to work.


“Kenyans are always so shocked at how healthy and affectionate Nala is when they see him. It is true that most family cats aren’t really considered to be pets, but serve primarily to kill mice and rats.”

When Nala takes naps on the computer, work can wait.

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