Rescuers Find A Hedgehog Trapped In A Ball Of Clay, And He’s Almost Too Angry To Let Them Help

Everyone can agree that hedgehogs are adorable. Cute and cuddly as they may be, however, touching one is usually a bad decision. That’s because they’re equipped with spiky armor—and they’re usually pretty grumpy when handled.

When hedgehogs feel threatened they roll themselves into a ball, making their spiky backs point out to ward off potential predators. As frightening as this may be to certain animals, others are too large (or bold) to let that intimidate them, and it often results in a sticky situation for the poor hedgehog.


One hedgehog in Chichester, England had the unfortunate experience of learning this the hard way. After tucking himself into a ball to scare off a dog, he got into a bit of trouble…

A cute hedgehog in Chichester, England found himself between a rock and a hard place recently after he was approached by a loose canine. Rescuers from Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital were called to the scene as the hedgehog became stuck in a ball when the pooch rolled him around in wet clay.


“He was barely recognizable when he came in but we could see he was just about breathing (goodness knows how),” staff at the Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital wrote in a Facebook post. “He was hissing a lot and getting generally agitated.”


The hedgehog had to be cleaned at the animal hospital, though he wasn’t fond of their methods. “We have got the worst of the clay off but will leave him quietly over night now and clean off some more in the morning as he became a little cold and VERY angry,” the staff wrote in the Facebook post.


“For now he is tucked up with some food feeling very sorry for himself.”

A second cleaning had the hedgehog looking brand-new. The rescuers noted that he was much more happy and friendly with the staff after being thoroughly washed. For now, he continues to recover from the incident at the hospital, and will likely be released back into the wild shortly.


It’s so strange that a hedgehog could find himself in such an unfortunate scenario. Thankfully he’s going to make a full recovery!

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