Rescued Baby Elephant Loves His Human Mom So Much He Won’t Let Her Out Of His Sight, So Guess Where He Stays!

Adopting a wild animal baby takes a lot of dedication and hard work. The babies need to be shown how to survive. Something that they should have learned from their natural parents. When Moyo was just a few days old, he was swept away from his herd when they were crossing a nearly drowned but he was found by some rangers and taken to Wild is Life sanctuary. Roxy Danckwerts became his primary caregiver.ced3cd85187ce105d2cacecfc8a5059aRoxy is the founder of Wild is Life sanctuary, and she and Moyo became very close.d2145948c1a5835b8ca8e146640631daIn fact, Moyo followed Roxy wherever she went. Roxy even has allowed Moyo inside her home.c51c0a59b64e7daf3aed42dd1dcd6968
When he was little, that was okay. But he is now 14 months old, and he isn’t exactly a little guy anymore!21795aca71a9f3954c17ab8101e3e12fThings inside the home have become more challenging! Have you heard the phrase about a bull in a china shop?4ea41ee9ad1ea62c7009ce74ae8f43c6Well, Moyo is pretty big and rather clumsy indoors! Moyo will eat just about anything he sees even spoons!daa6dfe52aea09884d5bda2a2c5f6f29Moyo is a housebroken elephant who aspirations of being a chef! Even if there is a barrier, Moyo will just break through!dd8767596d7f96b766a0b9c568402b35Roxy certainly showed a lot of patience and took everything in stride! It won’t be long before Moyo isn’t able to get into the house!

All he wants is to be by Roxy’s side. Watch the video below to see Moyo and Roxy interact. It is plain to see that Moyo loves his human momma and she loves him right back!17ec9dfc65ce43a34e57a4d517b5a8d7Share away, people!


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