How This Poor Dog Survived For 7 Long Months Will Fill Your Eyes With Tears

We don’t know who left this poor dog on the street so we’re unsure whether he was abandoned or he was just a street dog, but that doesn’t matter. How the poor dog survived for seven long months is what’s hurting my heart. The poor soul, but the good news is that he’s been rescued, finally.



One day Hope For Paws received a call from a local resident about a homeless dog in need of care and rescue. They were told that this poor dog was living under cars in a specific parking lot for seven months. This means whether it’s raining, or storming, this pup had to bear it all since he had no where to go. As soon as the rescuers reached him, he panicked so much that it was nearly impossible to make him trust them.
After some time, the pup relaxed and things began getting smoother for both the dog and the rescuers. Now called Aaron and he is healthy and ready to find his forever happy home



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