I Photographed Special Needs Corgis To Help Them Get Adopted

I photographed corgis before and after they received treats for a series called “Lowriders.” My favorite thing to photograph is animals with their tongues sticking out; I think the funny faces they make helps them get adopted.

These pups are available for foster or adoption from Queen’s Best Stumpy Dog Rescue in Los Angeles, a non-profit that specializes in saving special needs corgis and corgi mixes from California’s high kill shelters and those needing to be rehomed. You can donate to their organization here.


Lester – before


Lester – after

Cowboy – before

Cowboy – after

Leo – before

Leo – after

Comet – before

Comet – after

AJ – before

AJ – after

Indy – before

Indy – after

Corey – before

Corey – after

Panda Bear – before

Panda Bear – after

Bonus Corgi Butt

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