I Photographed Sea Lions In The Galápagos, And There’s A Reason People Call Them The Puppies Of The Sea

I traveled to the Galápagos Islands of Ecuador for one week and was surprised at the variety of animals there. However, sea lions were the animal that caught my eye.

I posted other photos of sea lions here on Bored Panda, and people seemed to love them, so I thought I would post some more! I have so many photos of sea lions because they were literally everywhere!


#1 Upsidedown


#2 Sand Eyeliner


#3 Sleepy Sea Lion


#4 Sandy Face


#5 Tired Sea Lion

#6 Sea Lion Pup


#7 Look At Me!


#8 Posing Sea Lion


#9 Best Buds


#10 Sleepy Face

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