People Are Sharing Genius Life Hacks And You Will Be Surprised You Never Thought Of Them

Humans are constantly thinking up and creating new ways to solve the little problems that bring us all down as we bumble through life. Some inconveniences, however, just seem impossible to overcome. Enter the glorious subreddit known as /r/lifehacks, where geniuses from all walks of life come together to offer brilliant, simple solutions to those painfully irritating dilemmas that confront us each day. Tired of having three separate remotes for your TV, and wish you could combine them all into one? Solved. Need more space on your countertop while cooking? Solved. A cure for your persistent existential dread? Well… We’ll get there one day.


Scroll down to see the life hacks that will change the way you do everything from now on. You might even feel like a changed person by the end of this post. Spread the revolution, and share this with the people in your life who need to get woke.


Seal Any Bag Tightly


How To Feed Four Puppies At The Same Time


If You’re Moving, You Can Use This Method To Easily Transport All The Clothes That You Hang


Use Legos As A Cable Holder


How To Include Everyone (Even The Person Taking The Photo) In A Picture


I Trusted My Husband To Clean-Up From Christmas Last Year. This Is What I Discovered When I Went Down To Our Basement To Begin Decorating This Year. He’s So Proud! I Can’t Decide: Life Hack Or Lazy?


Pop A Stocking Over The Head Of Your Vacuum Cleaner To Find Small, Missing Items


Use Old Chair To Make Shelves For Your Stuff


How To Fit Two Bowls In The Microwave





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