People paid attention to the cardboard box, because there was someone stirring there

The inhumanity of some people is shocking! The dog, of whom, on his own skin, felt human cruelty.
The owners threw the poor man into the garbage can in a sealed cardboard box.


If scavengers did not pay attention to a strange box, the puppy might die.
What people found in this box struck everyone. There lay a wounded puppy, all beaten and in blood. But even this did not prevent him sincerely rejoice when he was found.

The baby was immediately shown to the vet. The clinic said that the dog was no more than 4 months old, he was cruelly mocked. It can be seen that the puppy did not drink for a long time, his condition was very difficult.But he showed with his whole appearance how happy he was that someone was helping him and was just next to him. The Kid looked faithfully and actively wagged its tail. This dog conquered all those who were engaged in his salvation.Particularly in love, the dog was imbued with one of the savior. Sally, they called her a puppy, she just did not want to let her go. Now, being safe, the baby is looking for a new home.




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