Overweight cat always ate other cats’ food. His owners knew just what to do.

A couple from Hong Kong has four adorable cats in their family, all very cutely named. Delphine and husband Koon have Meatball, Mochi, Pepper, and Nugget in their family, and it is mostly Meatball who has given the couple some slight concerns recently.



Meatball was chubby and needed to stop gaining weight, and the other cats started to get a little out of shape as well. The adorable Meatball has a very relaxed personality and enjoys just sitting around carefree and living the life.

“He has a sort of a human quality to him and has very human like facial expressions,” his owner Daphnie said to Love Meow.


During dinnertime, Meatball has the urge to not only eat his own plate completely empty, but he also looks around at the neighbors to see if there’s any food that he could put in his stomach.

He essentially stole food from his younger siblings, which was one of the large reasons why Meatball had become a bit chubby. Pepper also replicated his behavior, but luckily, the owners already had a solution in mind.


aistline[s] have progressively disappeared (non-existent) and Pepper does a good job of sitting up on her hind legs at times because of her booty,” Daphnie mentions.

Husband Koon decided to build something to see if he could try and solve the issue, and his idea was simple, yet ingenious and extremely effective.


“My husband came up with the partition idea which was made out of cardboard,” Daphnie recalls.

The simple cardboard design divided the dining space into four separate departments, all filled with an equal amount of food. Much to their joy, the plan worked!

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