NOAH BURNS… a little dog that won´t be broken

What do you say when all you want to do is cry?
I´m used to see all kinds of things… our vets are used to see all kinds of situations… but seeing little NOAH´s condition today was too much for some of us.

Vet assistants left and called upon the help of their colleagues. Some of the most hardened surgeons, teared up. People completely used to see extreme cases, where each decision means life, or death, broke down
There, in front of us, all scabs, oozing skin, and smelling of decay stands a proud little dog that has been burnt, battered and shattered, but that won´t be broken.
I can´t write anything else… today´ve I´ve run out of words.

What kind of people do this? Will they ever get caught? I don´t have an answer to either of these questions. But what I can tell you is that we are going to stop NOAH´s pain and to turn her life around… and for this we need you.



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