Monsters Abused, Neglected And Left This Rare Dog Breed To Die Alone

One would think that having one of the most rare and ancient dog breeds would make a pet more highly prized and cared for. However, it seems that even pure breed dogs are not immune from being discarded because their owners don’t want them anymore. That’s what happened to Queen.

queen-dog-696x362Queen is an Ibizan hound, which is one of the oldest dog breeds in the world. What she had hoped to be a loving home turned into a nightmare, as she was used and abused by those who were supposed to care for her. Owned by a pair of hunters, she did what was expected of her, and when she became too sick to continue her work, they dumped her in a field to die.

img_7474-e1360270125383Thankfully, someone found her and brought her in to receive veterinary care. The first two vets suggested euthanasia, believing that she was beyond help, but “Let’s Adopt” stepped in to at least make the pooch comfortable for what could have been her final days.

img_7432-e1360270049653The battery of tests discovered that Queen had Leishmania, which is transmitted by sandflies. Without treatment, it mostly affect the renal system and can cause lesions on the skin. Because Queen was never treated, her disease developed into polyneuropathy.


But thanks to time and treatment, Queen has recovered remarkably and is prancing through fields with the grace of a gazelle.

In time, once she’s fully recovered, it’s everyone’s hope that Queen will soon find a forever home with a loving family of her own.

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