Man Kicks A Stray Dog But It’s What The Stray Dog Does That Breaks The Internet!

Just because a dog is stray doesn’t make him or her vulnerable, you know. They’re just stray, but they haven’t given anyone the permission to mess with them, but of course this man didn’t know and had to learn!


So there’s this Chinese man living in Chongqing, China, who kicked a stray dog and laughed about it as he made his way home. Of course he didn’t know that by kicking the dog, not only did he hurt his feelings, he also unknowingly unleashed all hell loose on himself! This man wanted to park his car, but lying on his reserved parking space was a dog.


Instead of gently telling the dog to go and sleep someplace else, the man kicked him until he left the parking space. After a few minutes, this man’s neighbor went to the parking spot and saw a couple of dogs and the dog the man kicked doing this to his car!


Yep the dogs were taking their revenge! This dog along with his friends were busy chewing every part of this heartless man’s car as a way to revenge their friend’s hurt feelings.


Looks like this man did get what he deserved, don’t you think? Yes i think and the next time he kicks a dog, he’s going to remember this!




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