I Make Costumes For My Cats

Snoopy the cat (grey) was brought home 1 year ago, and I knew he was a bit different because he didn’t mind wearing accessories. With some treats and feathery distraction Snoopy would sit patiently and allow me to help him take pictures. One picture led to another and now he has a collection of cosplay costumes.

1 year later, Snoopy received a little brother Doby. Who soon had to fall in the same path with costumes for all occasions.


Snoopbat & Dobin


Me Want Banana!

Grumpy Snow

In Search For My 6 Other Balls

Spongecat Squarepants — Who Lives With The Pineapple And Dreads The Sea

Captain Cat Vs Iron Cat

Hello Kitty Is Real

What's Up Bub?

Domestic Pet Elephant

Omg Who Ate Kenny!?

Bat Cat

Happy Easter

No Princess Will Be Saved By This Grouchy Zelcat

Let It Snow?

Go Jays Go

Everyone Has A Bit Of Sadness Inside

Cat Of Steel


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