Kitten refuses to let go of couple who found her in woods, asks them to be her forever humans.

Unfortunately, way too many animals wander the streets alone without any help, family or a place to call home. A couple found a tiny and adorable little kitten running around in the streets when they were taking a hike, and the small feline wouldn’t stop following them around.

Because they were so charmed by the pocked-sized kitten, they decided to give her some well-deserved love and take her home with them.

The furry thing is so little that she could fit in a single hand and her reaction is absolutely adorable. The couple named her Chloe and they later discovered that she was just five weeks old when they found her near the woods. The kitten’s mother or possible siblings were nowhere in sight, so the couple took her with them home after they couldn’t find her family.

The two then decided to give Chloe all the attention she could possibly want, and even call her an “adventure cat”. The adorable kitten now couldn’t be any happier and received a plethora of love and warmth from her two loving owners.

It’s amazing to see how this cute little cat transformed from a shy stray kitten on the streets who followed people around to an amazing little furball full of positivity and energy.

The owners used their Imgur account “spookydoc” to share a bunch of pictures of little Chloe. One of the pictures shows her hiding in a messenger bag after being spoiled for two weeks since she was rescued. The couple also shared an adorable photo of Chloe sitting in the basket of a bike, and it was moreover her first ride to her new home.

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