This Japanese Company Makes Samurai Armor for Cats and Dogs

A Japanese company called Samurai Age just created something quite interesting – samurai armor for cats and dogs. Pets are already like loyal samurais that stand by our side and protect us…so surely they deserve armor that would would bring out their warrior spirits.

Samurai Age offers standardized armor sized for cats and small dogs, but they also make custom designs as well. The company will also sell sets modeled after armor worn by legendary Japanese samurais. For instance, the red armor on the kitty in one of the pics below is actually modeled after the armor worn by Sengoku hero Sanada Yukimura – that’s pretty cool right?


Depending on how big your kitty is, you can get an armor suit for somewhere between 4,040 yen ($125) to 16,416 yen ($146). Just a little bit of warning, you might need your own suit of armor to defend yourself from being scratched when trying to put this on your cat


Samurai armor for cats and dogs!


Samurai Age offers standardized armor sized for cats and small dogs


But they can also accommodate your little four-legged samurai’s individual needs


You can get an armor for your cat or dog for somewhere between $125 to $146


The company will also sell sets made after armor worn by the legendary Japanese samurais


For example, Sengoku hero Sanada Yukimura


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