I Like To Take Photos Of Animals I Meet Using My IPhone

On a day to day basis, I meet and interact with a lot of different animals. This is my dream.

Insects, mammals, birds… You name it, it’s my mission to meet as many as I can! I want to learn from them and help them if I can.

This guy came to School and just chilled with us during a Saturday Sports Festival. Liked me, as I was making food!!


Praying Mantis

Chloe aka Grey Cat

An insect perched on Sugar Cane

Wada and Wada – two ducks we adopted


Huge Stick Insect

I put this succulent in water to grow roots and had some visitors on a hot day!

Preying Mantis aka Shadow Ninja

Chameleon. What a privilege – they are so few these days!

A mixed bunch waiting for a walk!

Poisonous Frog

Tree Frog. Gorgeous Color!

A very long Millipede

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