Hilarious Animals Think They are Masters of Disguise

Through thousands of years of evolution, animals have developed their own unique skills, some of which include camouflage. This ability is vitally important for wild animals, to find food and to hide from other dangerous predators. Living a different life than these wild animals, our pets have everything handed to them, but still attempt to retain their ability of camouflaging. Take a look at how these hilarious animals try to disguise themselves!

“Can you spot me?”

He’s a true master of disguise.

“Day 11: The dog still thinks I’m fur. Bonus: free rides!”

“Whatcha lookin’ at? Only towels here!”

“They suspect nothing.”

“Day 10: The humans still think i’m bread. I hope they don’t try to eat me…”

“Oh, I could shed my coat endlessly on this carpet. Purr-r-r.”

“They still think I’m lost.”

“You can’t see me. Just a purring cushion!”

Simple but perfect!

“Ahhhh…was spotted.”

Quilt or cat?

Disguise level: Master.

“Adorably busted!

“They’re gonna make me take a bath when they find me!”

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