Here’s How To Recover Your Immune System In Only 15 Seconds! – Explained By A Russian Doctor

If you constantly suffer from colds and flus, then it means that you have poor immunity system and it needs to be improved. At certain period of life, everyone has a weak immune system. However, some people have a constant weak immune system and they need immediate improvement in order to avoid additional health complications.


Dr. Sergey Bubnovkiy, a famous Russian doctor, says that a person can boost their immune system easily by making this simple trick: soak their feet in ice-cold water for 10-15 seconds on a daily basis. Moreover, Dr. Bubnovkiy explains that this method will prevent any flu or colds from entering into your body.


What you need to do is the following: fill a basin with cold water and add plenty of ice (as much as you can gather from the fridge). The more ice you have, the better. Then, put both of your feet in it and stay like that for 15 seconds. For optimal results, do this each night before bedtime.


However, in case your immune system is extremely weak, repeat this method each 4 hours. In a study conducted in the University of Virginia, it was proved that icy water stimulates the norepinephrine production, which is a natural hormone that plays an essential role in strengthening the immunity.


Other health benefits of the icy cold water:
Eases sore muscles – this simple trick will reduce any muscle pain;
Improves skin health – this method prevents blood clotting, energizes the skin, and tightens the pores and cuticles;
Shinier Hair – it closes the hair follicles makes your hair shinier and smoother.



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