How To Grow A Lemon Tree From Seed Easily In Your Own Home

Planting of fruit trees at home is always a challenge and fun, while at the same time and adequate benefits. Using healthy organic fruits further increasing interest in growing their own fruit trees. Citrus is one of them which quite successfully can be grown at home, and thus the production of fruits rich in vitamins, phosphorus, calcium, potassium and magnesium, without chemicals and toxic substances. Depending on the climate Citrus can be grown in the garden or in larger vessels.




To grow their own lemon you need to purchase a 2-3 year old trees and crops in a plastic or ceramic container. The container has the holes on the bottom to allow air circulation and drain excess water. Place on the bottom stones and filed with soil that should be determined for the cultivation of citrus or some mixture of soil and humus, but in any case should be rich in nutrients without chemical additives.

To start growing lemon might start with a seed of lemon (should not inorganic lemon, because they contain seeds that do not germinate). Select bowl 6 inches deep and as wide, put on the bottom stones, throw in soil to the edge of the pot, put fresh seeds of lemon, sprinkle nicely with water, cover with a transparent foil on which you made a few small holes and place the pot of the sunny spot in the garden.

After 2 weeks soon to appear young tree. Daily young plant must have 8 hours of sunlight and wet ground, but not overwatered. When the new plant will outgrow the container in which it is planted, or if the same roots begin to emerge through the holes at the bottom of the pot, should be transplanted into a larger container. Occasionally put some organic fertilizer, remove the dried and damaged leaves. When fruits start appiring ,should be wait to change color to yellow and become softer, a sign for harvest.



Mandarins are also citrus that grown with success at home, given that they grow up to 6 Feet. Planting and cultivation is the same as the one with lemon. It is important to have sufficiently the sun and not overflooding with water. Grow lemons and mandarines in your own home and enjoy the wonderful smell of flowering trees and delicious fruits that will make you proud.



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