Family finally reunites with long lost dog

Ted Kupferman and Kelly Thomas loved their dog, but suddenly found themselves in a situation desperately searching for their dog, Bear.

Ted was involved in a rear-ending car accident that startled Bear, his passenger that day. Bear got spooked and jumped out of the car, running away afraid into the large wooded area adjacent to the scene of the accident.


Ted searched for twelve straight hours that day looking for Bear, but had no luck in finding him.

But somebody did! Two owners of an auto parts yard in Marietta, Georgia not only found Bear wandering through their property, but they also spent more than a year trying to catch him.


They would feed Bear twice a day, leaving food out hoping to lure him in. It wasn’t until the two built Bear a pen that, with the help of local animal shelters, they were finally able to catch him.


Thankfully, Ted and Kelly had equipped Bear with a microchip for identification, which was ultimately detected. One day later, Bear went home to his rightful owners, and the tearful reunion and celebration took place!


According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), the chance of finding your missing dog is between 17-30%. Ted Kupferman and Kelly Thomas are now among those statistics. Bear was finally home, just in time for the holiday’s.


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