Dog Who’s Muzzle Was Taped Shut By A Monster, Now Has A Couch To Call Home

Animal cruelty is a serious crime that is slowly gathering more media attention, as well as incurring more serious fines and jail time. One would think that with these harsher penalties, the rate of animal abuse cases would drop, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Many animals are still suffering on a daily basis, and have no one to turn to to help to get them out of those terrible situations.



Bannister is a dog who was found on the street by a police officer. He was skinny, cold, and covered in thick mats of fur, all signs of neglect. But what was even more horrifying was what they found when the staff at the local shelter cut away the mats of fur on the poor dog’s muzzle. He was sporting fresh, raw wounds around his muzzle, a signs that his mouth had been bound for a long time, possibly by a rubber band.


The shelter is asking for any information anyone may have about the treatment of Bannister so that someone can be brought to justice. In the meantime, he’s recovering well in his new foster home.


He even gets a couch to snuggle on and a few siblings of his own to play with when he isn’t napping. Once he’s recovered, he’ll have to undergo some extensive surgeries in order to correct his condition, and then he can be well on his way to finding a new forever home.


The Kansas City Project is currently trying to raise funds for Bannister’s surgeries, so please consider donating to improve the life of this loving pup.




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