Dog Dumped By A Monster In A Trash Can Gets Euthanized…

This is a story of a poor dog who was dumped in a trash can by a monster and because of the cold weather, he was covered in frost, barely clinging to life. The Michigan Humane Society (MHS) is going to offer $2,500 reward to whoever has any information about the person responsible for dumping this Pomeranian-mix dog.


This pup was found early morning in the 19000 block of Harned on Detroit’s east side. The MHS Rescue Department speculate that the dog was left to die and couldn’t have gotten into the garbage can himself. Upon spotting the dog, they quickly wrapped the dog in a blanket and took him straight to the MHS Detroit Center for Animal Care, but unfortunately his injuries were severe and had to be euthanized.


Take a look at these pictures



It is clear that this monster wanted the dog gone and so he/she should be brought to justice.



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