Daddy cat helps mommy cat giving birth, wins many-many netizens’ hearts

A father cat from Vietnam has recently become a sensation on internet after his owner put pictures of him lovingly supporting and caring for the mom cat giving birth.

Love knows no boundaries and is amply visible in the animal kingdom as well. This cat’s love for the mother of his kittens is immensely touching.


Thuy Duong Panda, a young women from Hanoi posted a series of touching pictures on her facebook of the father cat, Yello, supporting and caring for the mother cat, Tam The, during and post giving birth to four cute kittens.

According to Bore Panda, this is the first litter for both Yello and Tam The.


Thuy Duong told Bore Panda that Yello does not display his love to everyone, and showers this loving attention only on the mother cat, the new litter and Thuy’s dog.

Here’s a glance into Yello’s first fatherhood experience. The cat has certainly set high standards with his love for his mate and his litter.

Love is in the air!



Tam The with her gorgeous litter!


Dad knows how to care for the kitties!


The sweetest cat family on the internet!



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