Couple Adopts Dying Shelter Dogs So They Can Live The Rest Of Their Days Feeling Loved

Jeff and Michele Allen do something that most of us would never think of – ever. They have a home sitting on six acres in Southampton, New Jersey. In that home, they also have 27 dogs! It is not what you think.

The dogs that the Allen’s have taken in are all elderly shelter dogs.


The Allen’s have offered the older dogs a home to spend their last days surrounded by love and care. Scattered around the house, you will find all kinds of toddler beds or other types of furniture that the dogs can enjoy!


The only rules in the house are to relax, enjoy, and be comfortable! Each day, the dogs get home cooked meals and a lot of love. The Allen’s started a hospice for elderly dogs and called it Monkey’s House.


Monkey was the name of a dog that the couple once fostered, he was the inspiration for the hospice organization. No matter what kind of life these dogs have had in the past, their last days on earth comfortable and at peace.


Many of the dogs who live at Monkey’s house are sick with illnesses like cancer, diabetes, or heart conditions. As you may know, treating such conditions can be very expensive. Monkey’s house is run solely from donations.


Happily, they get a lot of outside help. A dog food company donates over 60 pounds of food each week, and they have a small army of about 50 volunteers who care for the dogs.


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