Cats Who Turned Out To Be Hilarious Doppelgangers!

Cats can be hilarious at times and sometimes completely silly, but what happens when cats are not being cats? Well, then they become hilarious doppelgangers! Some of these cats look so much their original inspiration that you might think their photos are photoshopped, but trust us when we say they aren’t! Check out the world’s top 15 cats who turned out to be hilarious doppelgangers!

Charlie “Cat” Chaplin!


Lenin’s cat…or perhaps Lenin himself disguised as a cat…


The bat cat!


The pin up cat?!


The Einstein cat!


The Salvador Dali cat!


The Leonardo DiCaprio cat!


The Jamie Hyneman cat!


Cat Hitler!


Well, what do you think?! Spot on right? At least in the cat world, these cats definitely have the face to rule! Don’t forget to share this post with your friends too!



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