Cats With Magnificent Winter Manes Have Just Broken The Internet!

No shave October is not just for people. The winter mane is probably in full effect for many of the felines out there, and many of them are more impressive than the human versions their humans are growing. Check out these little lion wannabes, and just remember that you can only enjoy this majesty for a few months a year.


Some manes sweep upward, almost making the cat look like a Japanese monster. Kitty-Cat, go!


If your cat is already fluffy, the mane won’t do much other than enhance that already fluffy look. What was big is now giant.


When the mane changes color it can make your cat appear like it is wearing the strangest clothes. This scarf just does not match!


Some cats can pull off the longer wizard beards. The Gandalf look is really hot right now, especially as it gets colder.


This grey beard isn’t from age, but it still gives that kitty the noble, respectable look that comes with a little grey in the beard.


Some beards make them look like they have swallowed something large and fluffy.


If it is snowing where you are, look for the snow beards. The help to blend in with the new white backdrop.


And of course, we all have that friend whose beard doesn’t match their haircut.


And then, there is the majesty of the Epic level beard. This is the beard all others try to be like.


Sometimes the beard can just keep going down to the tail though, and then it’s all just fluff till spring.




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