Cats affected by the fire are on the mend

Famous Hermitage cats are on the mend. Animals affected by the fire in the largest museum of the country will be discharged on September 15. Now their health is satisfactory.According to doctors, there are no threats to life of the tailed. But for one fluffy keeper in the Hermitage still became less. During the smoke in the basement of the Winter Palace, Dusya was breathing in carbon monoxide gas.


Firefighters reanimated DusiaIt was her who tried to reanimate the firemen with the help of an oxygen mask. Dusi’s condition from the very beginning caused concern among specialists and as a result, it was not possible to save her.


The fire in the basement of the Hermitage occurred on September 8. The fire was extinguished quickly, but there was a lot of smoke. It was from him and suffered several cats and cats – the real living legends of the Winter Palace.

The fire was small, the rags burned on three square meters. Over a hundred firefighters arrived in the place of the emergency, 40 cars. An adequate reaction should be for a small fire in the palace with its treasures. The people working in the museum were temporarily evacuated.

Several cats and cats have been poisoned with carbon monoxide so seriously that they were initially mistaken for the dead. Dusya was the hardest hit, the rest of the cats managed to survive.

According to media reports, after the injured cats are discharged they will be handed out to Petersburgers and they will no longer live in the Hermitage. For the fate of the Hermitage seals, it seems, the entire city was watching. Therefore, quickly found the townspeople, that after they wanted to take the animals home, where they surround with care and affection.



And for the remaining seals in the museum are preparing a new safe apartment.

Hermitage cats are a living legend of the Winter Palace. Their predecessors appeared in the times of Peter I and Elizabeth Petrovna. Catherine the Great – the founder of the Hermitage – gave cats the status of guards of art galleries. The tradition of keeping cats in art galleries for protection from rodents was disrupted only once: during the siege of Leningrad. Currently, about 50 cats and cats live in museum cellars.




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