Black Pepper

Black pepper (Latin name of piper nigrum), together with salt an essential spice in all kitchens and restaurants worldwide originating from the Indonesian tropical forests. This plant is a climbing vine that gives the berries fruit (known to us as a grain of pepper) and can reach a height of 10 m.


Although in nature there are over 2000 species of pepper spice most famous division of this market is: black, white, green and red pepper. Color pepper does not depend on primary types of plants from which he picked, but red pepper is obtained when they’re harvested fully ripe and red beans that are soaked in salt water and then frozen or dried quickly.



Green pepper is prepared in the same manner or beans are picked earlier while still green.

White pepper produced from ripe or peeled peppercorns.

Black pepper is obtained when they’re harvested green beans and then without any processing dried in the sun.

Black pepper in the first place stimulates digestion, eliminates bacteria in the stomach so as to prevent the bloating of the stomach and the formation of gases. And not only that, pepper have antimicrobial effect of preventing food spoilage.

Then, stimulates the body’s ability to absorb nutrients, particularly beta – carotene and vitamin B.


Use black pepper is useful for people with overweight because it speeds up metabolism and burn calories and therefore encourages weight loss. more of the ways in which the grain being prepared for use.

This medicinal spice contains phytochemicals with antioxidant action of fighting against undesirable free radicals in the body so that it contributes to protecting the body against cancer.

Black peppercorns in combination with boiled red wine effectively combats colds.

Tea from pepper with appropriate herbs useful is a natural remedy for cough , and ground pepper with honey.

Some studies show that inhaling steam containing black pepper (such as vapor of pepper tea), effective for quitting cigarettes.

The essential oil of black pepper used externally, relieves arthritis pain, stimulates circulation, reduces cellulite, relaxes muscles, soothes cramps and combats acne.


Finally, it is important to say also that the black pepper is very common and highly prized ingredient for the preparation of drugs in Indian medicine (Ayurveda), which means that its healing properties at a high level.

Given that black pepper is one of the most commonly used spices in the daily diet and is added to many dishes if you want to fully enjoy its aroma and taste, it is best to grind just before use. When buying pepper should pay attention to the fact that bigger, harder and beans more regular form are.

Note: Excessive use of pepper is not recommended for people who have serious problems with hemorrhoids, damaged stomach or liver. better quality than those that are not.



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