Baby Rabbit And Pigeon Tear Down Tiny Wall Just To Be Together

An unlikely couple, a baby pigeon and baby rabbit are helping to comfort each other. The baby animals are living at the Kildare Animal Foundation Wildlife Unit in Ireland. They were both orphans who had arrived separately at the shelter.rabbit-pigeon-kildare-friendship-696x362The rabbit came in early August with his umbilical cord still attached. The staff didn’t think he would survive, he was frail and unstable. He had a seizure that caused him to have an unsteady gait. But, he survived. He proved to be stronger than anyone had guessed. On August 12th, the rescue got a call from a woman who found a pigeon’s nest on the ground.14237673_1196182167069131_7663102958480566476_nThere was a newborn chick inside and one unhatched egg. The egg was cold and not viable. But the chick seemed to be unharmed. The rescue took the chick and placed him in the incubator with the bunny, a wall was put up between them to keep them separate.

When the foster carer went to check on them, the two babies had torn down the wall and were cuddled up together! They had decided they had been alone long enough and wanted to be with a friend! The rabbit was named Bunny, and the Pigeon was called Pidg.

This unlikely duo is growing up side by side, and they are thriving! Pidg has full-fledged feathers replacing his downy fuzz and Bunny has more confidence with his hopping. Until they are old enough to be released into the wild, they will enjoy each other’s company.

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