Abandoned dog found starving and cold, gets adopted by firestation and becomes its mascot

Ashley, a pit bull, was found starving and cold in an abandoned house in New York. She was rescued and taken to a local fire station, where the firemen agreed to take her in for a short while. Little did they know what would happen next….

According to Dodo, the firemen knew they should find her a new home, but after 3 days staying at the fire station their hearts melted. The New York Fire Station, known as Fort Pitt, fell in love with this beautiful sandy colored pit bull and they adopted her officially. She is now an integral part of the team and even has her own Instagram account, where people can keep up with her firefighting adventures.


Ashley was rescued by No More Pain, a New Jersey Organization, dedicated to saving and relocating animals. The company, an NGO team of 4 has limited resources, and relies heavily on donations to help care for animals and dogs like Ashley. Every pet needs a home and owners that love and care for them.

“They said, ‘We’re going to adopt her. We just love her so much. She is at home here,'” Erica Mahnken, cofounder of No More Pain Rescue told Dodo. “So I was thrilled. And as soon as I walked her in there, I knew that that’s where she belonged.”

Ashley, the pit bull was abandoned by her owner, and left to die.


Erica Malinka and Michael Favor, Ashley’s rescuers, were strapped for space. They took her to a New York Fire Station where they had some friends working.


She was only supposed to stay temporarily, until a permanent home was found.


After only 3 days of her arrival, Fort Pitt fire station decided they wanted to adopt her permanently.


Right from the start, the entire Fire Station crew fell in love with Ashley, the pit bull.


Ashley was given her own seat, and accompanies the crew on short runs. Look at those cute ears!


Ashley was rescued by No More Pain, a New Jersey Organization dedicated to saving the lives of animals.


Ashley’s story shows that acts of kindness bring with them their own special blessings and rewards.

“She’s constantly on the go – she goes on smaller runs with them, she goes on the fire truck with them,” Mahnken said. “They walk her about 30 times a day. They bring her on the roof to play. She’s constantly in the kitchen watching them eat. She has endless supplies of treats. She has the life over there.”

Mahnken is happy Ashley has loving people around her. “I’m so glad we got her into a home that will show her nothing but love, and not make her into the pit bull that people love to hate so quickly,” Mahnken said. “It was an unbelievable feeling to know that that’s where she belonged.”

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