7 Reviews When Buying Toothpaste

How much toothpaste should be applied, how long to brush your teeth and which product to choose? We will facilitate the selection with several …

… Facts that you must know about the resources for dental care.



Fluoride is necessary – At the forest of ingredients, what your toothpaste necessarily contain fluoride is, whether you need to whiten teeth, freshen breath, or to protect the gums. Dentists claim that washing teeth twice a day with toothpaste that contains fluoride can prevent damage to your teeth up to 40 %.


Confirmation from the health organization – In the case of toothpastes, the evidence for inspection of the product must come from dental institution and must be clearly marked on the packaging. Products which have no such confirmation is often much cheaper than others, but saving the health of your teeth later can cost you dearly.


Dental whitening act – to the some limit – Thanks to abrasive ingredients, or specifically shaped particles, toothpastes responsible for bleaching teeth can remove stains teeth and so, to some extent contribute to their whiteness. But toothpastes do not contain bleach used in professional teeth whitening and can so visibly contribute to the bright whiteness of the teeth as it makes the procedure applied at the dentist.



Less is more – Brush completely covered with toothpaste will better clean teeth. Use half of it, the benefits are the same, and the paste lasts longer. Therefore guided by ads – for best effect apply a drop to a size of a pea.


It is more important how to do it, than with what to do it – If you use the best toothbrush and best toothpaste, and do not use them properly, there will be no tangible results. The correct way of brushing involves holding the brush approximately an angle of 45 degrees to allow the fibers of the brush reach area between the teeth and gums and brushing with small circular movements for at least one minute.


Unusual ingredients – Do not be surprised if the list of ingredients in tooth paste also find seaweed, detergent, rubber or the like, because each of these components has its own function and it may sound bizarre, these ingredients have been reviewed and approved as an integral part of most assets for dental care.


Paste or gel? – Toothpaste equally acting either in the form of a paste or gel, as long as they contain important ingredients mentioned. The only difference is the texture and taste, because the choice is only yours – choose your product care of your teeth will make it more enjoyable.


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