4 Ancient Japanese Secrets For Staying Slim And Healthy!

The most frequently advises given to people for staying healthy and slim are to exercise and to drink a lot of water while you are on a diet. Each nation has different ways and ideology on how to stay fit. For example, the Japanese follow the following 4 simple rules so to stay fit. They are extremely healthy and effective and you would like to try them out.


1.Warmth is life

Warmth is life’s concept derives from the theory that the food we eat give us energy. Also, it’s vital for the survival of the human beings. In summer, we eat more fruit and veggies since they refresh the body and help it to adapt to high temperatures. Usually, they have more calories and that’s what keep us warm in winter. It’s important to eat warm food periodically, despite the fact that is much healthier to eat uncooked and raw fruits and vegetables.

2.A hot bath prolongs your life

There is no living human being who do not enjoy in a hot bath. It relaxes you, reduced your stress, and improves blood circulation. Having a hot bath is extremely beneficial because it cleanses your skin and improves digestion. In other words, having a long hot bath extend your lifetime. The optimal temperature for it is 37.7 to 40 degrees.

3.If You Eat Like a Sumo Wrestler, You Will Look Like One

Sumo wrestlers do not have breakfast. After they finis with their training, they consume an enormous lunch and then they go to sleep. They eat twice on a daily basis but their meals are in big quantities. In case you didn’t understand quite well, here is an explanation: No matter how much you exercise, if you do not regulate your calorie intake and don’t pay attention on what you eat, you will still gain weight. In case you eat a lot of unhealthy food and snacks, the exercising will not make a big difference. Therefore, if you want to stay fit and healthy, try to exercise a lot, balance your diet, and regulate your sleep routine.

4.Avoid Drinking Liquids While Eating

Japanese people have a strict rule which they follow, and that rule is to not drink any liquids during their meals. They believe drinking has a negative effect on the digestion process, as it eliminates the warmth in the body which the food is giving. Liquids work the opposite way, and they cool down the body. This results in the body using more energy to digest the food. So unless it is warm tea or soup, avoid drinking liquids.

Most westerners believe that losing and gaining weight is tightly related to the amount of calories consumed, and this is why to them, the four Japanese rules for staying fit and healthy sound odd. However the statistics shown above state the opposite, comparing the countries in which people have the longest and healthiest life, and it turns out that the Japanese people are at the top of that list with an average of 74.5 years, meaning that they know what they are talking about.


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