32 House Cats Who Still Think They’re King Of The Jungle.

When you think of your pet cat, you probably don’t picture a fierce hunter with a keen eye and a natural killer’s instincts. Your cat is more likely to be found drooling on the couch or begging for food than out tracking dangerous game.

However they might behave now, our domesticated felines are all descended from fierce jungle cats. That’s right: your fluffy baby was once the veritable king of the jungle!

While those days might be long gone, even the most docile of house cats has held on to some of those primitive instincts she inherited from her powerful ancient cousins. If you doubt that’s the case, then you need to see these 32 cats who think they’re still apex predators!

1. This trio of cats might usually dine on Fancy Feast from a can, but you would never know it seeing them hunched down and observing from over the top of this ledge. In their minds, they’re the kings of the jungle!

2. There are two kids of cats in the world: those who prefer being as close to the ground as possible, and those who enjoy nothing more than to leap on your head and make you scream. Guess which one this sneaky guy is?



3. Cats are known for their ability to hone in on their prey. Isn’t it crazy how even the smallest house cat seems to transform into a mighty lion before your eyes when she spots something that fascinates her?

4. Scottish Fold cats (like the fluffy guy pictured below) are usually known as mellow, sweet-faced lap cats. Clearly this Scottish Fold never got the memo, for lo, he fancies himself as fierce as any lion in the jungle!


5. Meanwhile, this little kitten can’t quite decide whether he is a member of the feline family or if he is a monkey. Sure, the claws are helping him “hang in there” but you’ve got to admit there’s some monkey power to that swing!

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