25 Romantic Pictures Of I Love You

Saying I Love You is the hardest thing to do for many guys. So let me share some cute ideas to say I love you in unique style. To say I Love you in routine is easy for friends and family members but when it comes to some one special then it might go bit harder for many cause of rejection fears, long term commitment, or possible reason could be first time saying I love you.


The phrase “I love you” is an affirmation of affection, love and deep caring, especially for your lover, parents and other family members. In this world everyone has one person or many persons, whom he loves a lot. He should show that love, not only by his action but also by his words. And the slogan I love you is the best line for expressing your love for someone. Mother loves her child a lot. She also says this to her child: “I love you my child”. Love is the most magnificent and magical feeling in this world. By showing love and affection to someone, you can win their hearts easily. Saying I love you is very necessary in the relation of boy and girl. A boy can share some lovely and romantic poems to her lover, for showing his love and true feelings to her.


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