11 Cats Desperate to Understand The Standing on Two Legs Thing

11 Cats Desperate to Understand The Standing on Two Legs Thing


Once you start spending a lot of time with cats, you’ll notice that they have a lot of human qualities. They like their alone time, but they also love cuddling and playing. With proper training, they can even use the toilet!

StandingCats 1

But some cats have taken the whole human routine a bit further by standing upright. They can even walk around! Pretty soon, they’ll be learning to talk, and then taking over our government!

Here are 11 cats that are standing on their own two feet:

1. This Snowed-In Fellow…

StandingCats 2

…reckons he’ll have to take a catnap after he finishes all this plowing.

2. This Tai Chi Student…

StandingCats 3


…is becoming an expert in this dance of self-defense. (The dog next door never made it past the first class.)

3. This Big-Eyed Cutie…

StandingCats 4

…can’t believe that the laser pointer is out of batteries!

4. This King of the Forest…

StandingCats 5

…is waiting for his mouse subjects to pay their respects.

5. This Grey Girl…

StandingCats 6

…refuses to go inside until you tell her where you hid that yarn ball.

6. This Vain Tom Cat…

StandingCats 7

…is checking to see if his whiskers need a shave.

7. This Aqua-phobic Animal…

StandingCats 8

…pulls this surprised look every bath time. Big eyes won’t get you out of a proper scrubbing, Mister.

8. This Rascal…

StandingCats 9


…won’t stop trying to sneak a peak up that girl’s skirt. Pervert.

9. This Copy Cat…

StandingCats 10

…is totally glued to her BFF.

10. This Famished Feline…

StandingCats 11

… just found out that the other cat ate all the tuna… AGAIN.

11. These Alien Animals…

StandingCats 12
…are looking out for the mothership to take them back up to their home planet, the Great Hairball in the sky.

Now that you know that felines are capable of strutting around on their own two paws, will you ever look at cats the same way again? Maybe the dancing cats that Andrew Lloyd Webber envisioned aren’t as fantastical as we thought!

StandingCats 13



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